Partnership with Ben Ross

Ben Ross, Who am I?

I have partnered with some of the leading brands in the world, with the likes of Nike, Nixon, Rip-curl, Rollie, Boston Celtics and Now Delvi, the one I’m overly excited about.

I was a carpenter for 10 years, also running a surf label with my brother out of Bondi. It was then when I struggled with depression. One day I drank a bottle of Tequila, drove to a cliff and was going to jump. But I stopped myself, as I. Thought I already was dead, the old me died that day, The new me was born and I wanted to recreate the world. From that day on, I have dedicated myself to try and take people away from the world, away from life. I want people to feel my art, see themselves in my art, Nothing else matters, My art is about having fun & taking over the world. I work in acrylic, and digital Mediums, painting and drawing my 70’s Cali vibes all around the world.

This is why Delvi and Ben Ross are a perfect match, That first sip when nothing else matters in the world, that good feeling that takes over your body, that’s what I’ve tried to implement in these animations, something that’s fresh, brings the vibes, makes the hips want to move. Something that when I drink Delvi, I get those feelings.