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DELVI™ is unapologetically Australian, pouring world class seltzer for real people

Light the campfire, rip the stay-tab off a DELVI™ and shake hands with True East.
An independent beverage company, serving hard seltzers that are crafted using Australian plant extracts.

Curated to celebrate our remarkable land and unique flavour, our distinctive camo cans are sure to be etched into the sanities of Australians. DELVI™ is unapologetically Australian, loved by many. Sip by sip, we’re striving to be Australia’s favourite flavour in seltzer land.

Raise a glass to the hand-picked produce, to the natural minerals, to the flawless preservation of active phytonutrients, to the farmers and to the community, to the native Australian landscape, that is the incomparable product of DELVI™.
We’re glad you’re here.


New @DELVI™ with Ben Ross

Introducing DELVI resident artist: Mr Ben Ross

We're super excited to have partnered with amazing artist & animator Ben Ross. Ben's partnered with some of the worlds most exciting brands including Nike, Rip Curl and the Boston Celtics to name a few. Ben's brought DELVI's Keep It Real spirit to life in the form of our fun loving disco dancing characters.

Get inspired and show us your own moves this summer. #getdownwithdelvi

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