About Delvi

Keeping it real the company motto sign


The name DELVI came about from the Urban Dictionary meaning “keeping it real 100%"



Everyday we learn more and more about health, and with Australia having a deep rooted tradition in social drinking, Delvi offers a cleaner, low sugar, low carb alternative to beer, wine and cider, without compromising on flavour. 

Our vision for creating seltzer is as honest as the day is long. Our produce is grown in Australia’s backyard. It’s wild-harvested and picked by hand. It’s cold-pressed and all-natural. It’s nutrients and minerals are preserved. It’s canned in a land down under. It’s a celebration of an active, outdoor lifestyle.

With that in mind, our journey is one of education and inspiration. Thankfully, our natural ingredients, sustainable farmers and active way of life stand true to this. A bespoke blend of wild-harvested and cold-pressed fruits to preserve active phytonutrients and natural minerals, fluent lingo for the health-conscious. People who crave real ingredients that don’t burden their body. Mindful drinkers who won’t compromise on flavour and quality. A conscious mob, living active, outdoor lifestyles, diving into Australia’s coastal and rural landscapes.

When seltzer lovers rip the stay-tab off a DELVI™ or order one at the bar, their experience is refreshingly pure. Perfectly formed effervescence rising to the rim through a pile of ice and the occasional piece of floating fruit, we keep it real.

With Low sugar, Low Carbohydrates, Gluten Free and Vegan friendly;

Delvi is staying true the name by “Keeping It Real 100%”


Hard Seltzers 2021 badge Category Finalist Drink Easy


DELVI supports Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital