The Natural Delvi Difference

Plant Extracts

Producing pure phyto actives for use in cosmetics, nutraceuticals, superfoods, pharmaceuticals, food + beverage.

DELVI has created a strategic localised partnership with cutting edge extract producers Plant Extracts to supply locally sourced organic fruit extract that set our Seltzer apart from all other known Hard Seltzer or Alcoholic beverage products currently existing in the World. This critical part of the supply chain is a key factor to what sets DELVI apart from the competition and allows us to claim a better for you story that actually stacks up. Recent NATA accredited Analysis reports from Agrifoods for DELVI Blood Orange Passion and Desert Lime varients confirm trace amounts of approx. 2.5mg of Vitamin C per serve.

Progressive, ethical and sustainable

Plant Extracts owns and is accountable for the entire unique manufacturing and production process from start to finish. From sourcing organically farmed plants to the extraction, packaging and delivery of your product, every manufacturing step is taken in-house, wholly traceable, and aligned with environmental sustainability.

Validated by science

Scientifically tested, Plant Extracts potent phyto liquids are pure and stable. Where previously active extracts have been diluted or contain additives, these do not. This ensures their benefits have not been compromised and products that contain our extracts in their purest form will be more effective than ever before.